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When I visited Cambodia in 2008, the original purpose was to show an exhibition of mine (and Hedda Ekerwald) photos from 1978. Colour photos from this period are unique. My comments were added ton the photos - what I thought then and what I think now. The exhibition was shown at some places and for a long time at Tuol Sleng - the prison that now is a museum. The pictures were also made, together with more text, into a book - Living Hell. A simpler magazine version was done in Khmer.
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The exhibition in a village outside Battambang

The magazine being read in Siem Reap

In Sweden another kind of exhibition was made, starting off with our journey 1978 and discussing how we could support what turned out to be mass murder. The exhibition was named Dinner with Pol Pot. It started a lively debate, about our trip, about Cambodia and Pol Pot, but also about the commercial You Tube film that was made and I advised against it. The whole exhibition, including the film was later condemned by the Swedish Justitieombudsman (commissioner) as being guilty of slander against citizens - something the arranging state agency can not do. The slander was considered to be against some of the participants in our 1978 trip. It was rewritten and shown in 2 cities and then closed down. The original Living Hell book can be ordered from the links below. To order the Swedish book go to Swedish book
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